Thinking How

Thinking How

Train their tools to develop an eye
for things. They can improve their ability
to deal with
the open end problems and
learn how to achieve common goals in
the process
of discussing and collaborating
with their friends.

  • Understand

    advanced technology

    The medical institution actively Utilize

    the educational and technological
    program and also understand
    the principle
    of advanced technology.

  • 13 different

    thinking tools

    By learning 13 different thinking tools,

    develop the ability to view and solve
    problems from different perspectives.

  • Expand the scope

    of thinking

    Using a variety of senses like sight, hearing,

    touch and etc, develop cognitive ability
    expand the scope of thinking.

  • Thinking Math

    He learns the concepts of teaching while
    asking questions related to tools of thought,

    and develops them by using solving problems
    through the use of solving problems.

  • Thinking Code

    Explore problem solving algorithms and seek
    coding into programming
    languages using
    thought tools.

  • Thinking Science

    Using tools of thought, explore the scientific
    laws of the surrounding world
    and explore
    the laws found in real life.

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