Edu Tech Company that draws

children's potential widely and deeply.

PlatformReign is

After the Fourth Industrial Revolution,
we raise talents that can
cope with
tremendous technological
and social changes.

And provide an educational
environment to grow FQ, TQ, EQ, SQ
and IQ evenly.

  • Virtual Coding

    Improve creative problem solving

    by different kinds of problems
    in a virtual space.

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  • Flying Robot Coding

    Students think and challenge
    by themselves
    through engineering
    understanding of drones.

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  • AI

    Learn the core of cutting-edge
    AI technique with
    easy mathematics and
    minimum programming skills.

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  • Thinking How

    Train 13 different thinking tools
    to make active choices,
    and be able to
    look at daily life actively.

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  • IcBio

    It is to cultivate fusion thinking ability
    based on biology
    and ICT and
    to improve problem-solving ability

    by improving creative thinking and
    logical thinking.

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  • We will create
    various edu-programs

  • Why do we need
    edutech programs?

    We show the way.

    How to teach students the ability
    to think
    about future jobs that don't exist.

  • Why do we need
    edutech programs?

    We help students acquire
    and skills
    in a balanced way.

  • Why do we need
    edutech programs?

    Present training methods
    that integrate
    knowledge of the
    past and technology
    of the future.

Global Market

  • VC 3rd market status
  • FRC 1st market status
  • TN 4th market status
  • MS 3rd market status
  • BI 2nd market status

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